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Chris Buller (541)460-0177

Ordained clergy for Sancuary 501c3 #20-3651672

Married and father of two sons.

Seminary: North West House of Theological Studies

Law School:William Mitchell College of Law

Undergrad: Hamline Unversity

After graduation from Hamline University Chris taught in the Minnesota public schools for 8 years. During the last 4 years he attended law school at night and started over 100 horses. From law school Chris worked in the mortgage industry and ended up as an independent commercial and residential mortage broker in the Tetons. In 2004 Chris moved to Oregon to follow hiscall to ministry. The ministry of Sanctuary grew out of his work with students in the Madras schools and listening to their concerns, fears, and dreams.

During the winter months Chris is available as a keynote speaker and for pulpit fill.

About Chris Buller

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In 2004 Chris Buller moved to Madras to attend seminary and work as a youth pastor. To supplement his income he was a substitute teacher. While working in a long term position he was frustrated by the division along racial lines in the school district and by the lack of engagement, especialy among Native boys. One day he noticed a group of Native boys excitedly talking. Like a good teacher he eavesdropped. They were talking about some wild horses they had run into an old catch corral. The boys were just climbing on and trying to ride. Chris said he would drve the 45 miles to work with them and BBQ. Real communication began with real commitment in an area that mattered to the young men. From these relationships and more Chris discovered that the destructive behavior in the communities servced b the school were coming from self medication for depression. He sourced the depression in the sense of worthlessness that comes from a person believing that there is no place for them in creation. The belief is entrenched by the welfare/entitlement menality. There must be something wrong with me because I need this assistance to just get by. Chris then discovered the best way to combat this mind set was to create safe places where people do real work and realize that good choices do pay off in ways that matter. There is a place for you in creation. You need to be prepared so when you hear your call you are ready to follow. Experiencing this belief shift rips the pain and darkness away and replaces it with hope and light. A person who begins this path naturally seeks the Creator of their call and a faithwalk begins.

Sanctuary creates safe places where individuals learn to work as individuals and in multiracil teams. Whenever possible we strive to make these experinces self sustaining micro businesses.

1) Purchase a permanent base that can house our operations and future programs.

2) Acquire a high mpg four door vehicle.

3) Continue to faciltate people discovering that there is a place in Creation for them.

4) Idenitfy and develop micro buinesses based in agriculture and horses that can provide self funded work experiences.

5) Continue to support and advocate for youth in their academic and extra curricular experiences

6) Demonstrate through our progrming and actions the way taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ.

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